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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

30 Days of Lists 9

Just thought I'd give you a look at Today's To Do List.

Here you go:

  1. Post my LEARN post
  2. Post my 30 Days of Lists post
  3. Send a sympathy card to my cousin's wife, who recently lost her mom
  4. Make a hair appointment - trim and roots
  5. Start filing taxes
  6. Call L and wish her a Happy Birthday
  7. Call NYSC about our memberships
  8. Cancel tomorrow's free personal trainer hour
  9. Nail appointment 6pm - pick up Mom no later than 5:45
  10. Check MegaMillions winners - retire? 
  11. Check UrbanOutfitters website for scratch off world map
  12. Lake pillows from urbanfarmgirlandco site - still available?
  13. Download new books to Kindle
  1. 10am Marketing meeting
  2. 11am AEC meeting
  3. Call customer in MN re:  500c order Beekeeping FD
  4. Call customer in Phila re:  account and discount
  5. Call customer in Phila re:  account and discount AFTER lunch (since you woke him at 9am!)
  6. Send proformas to EF
  7. Call KH re: e-books for course adoption
  8. Follow up with LJ re: e-books never ordered
  9. Track SFDC opportunities and update

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