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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

30 Days of Lists 10

I carry a black Coach bag, this one here.  The awesome thing is I got it for $91.00 at the outlet store in Atlantic City!  I got the matching wallet, here you go, for only $57.00 at the same sale.  Yea, never before in my life have I ever spent that much on a wallet, but considering list is $228, I think I did okay!
Here's what's in my bag...

  • The wallet itself, containing cash, gift cards, credit cards and insurance cards, along with a picture of my hubby and me and my dad's obituary
  • My checkbook with 2 checks to be cashed (one insurance check and one dividends check)
  • My personal cell phone and my work phone
  • 2 pairs of sunglasses
  • 2 pairs of readers
  • My "real" glasses - we have an eye doctor appointment after work today
  • My Kindle Paperwhite
  • My rosary beads
  • Coupons
  • My book of top secret passwords to all my websites, accounts, etc.
  • 3 pens
And an orange Orla Kiely etc. cosmetic bag (yes, I know the Target photo looks red...  trust me, it's orange!) that contains...
  • 3 lip glosses
  • 1 lipstick
  • a comb
  • 1 pack of HotHands
  • Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia perfume in a roll-on bottle
  • Boroleum ointment (I never leave home without it!)
  • Blink eye drops
  • Neosporin
  • hand sanitizer
  • a hair clip or 3
  • an emery board
  • a black eyeliner
Then there's my Vera Bradley tote bag which, today, contains...
  • My analog computer (which is a book of folders where I sort paperwork I use on a regular basis)
  • My check envelope where I put current bills after they've been paid (today was a bill-paying day)
  • the newest BH&G magazine I haven't started reading yet
  • my Sigma makeup brushes
  • my makeup
  • my Naked 2 and Naked 3 eye pallets
  • my Skindinavia makeup finishing spray
  • a pair of winter gloves (just in case the snow comes tonight like they're warning us it might)
  • a bunch of last month's bills that we have to burn in the fireplace this weekend, if I remember to bring them with me to the lake
And that's about it...

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