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Friday, March 29, 2013

What You Would Find in My Purse

This post needs no further explanation.  Feel free to play along...

  1. wallet
  2. phone
  3. checkbook register
  4. coupons
  5. mini makeup bag (lip gloss, Tums, Boroleum ointment, lipstick, eye drops, mini perfume atomizer sample, Advil Cold & Sinus capsules, eyeglass cloth, tabletop purse holder, Dayquil geltabs, Tagamet, bandaid)
  6. recently paid bills, separated into an envelope for me, and an envelope for hubby
  7. business card holder with club cards, gift cards, membership cards
  8. reading glasses
  9. sunglasses
  10. mini hairspray
  11. rosary beads
  12. receipts
  13. comb
  14. 2 pens
  15. house and car keys
  16. whatever book I'm currently reading, and on odd days,
  17. my Kindle

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Mrs.B said...

I don’t carry a purse. I wear jeans or shorts every day. In my back pocket I have my license, insurance card, a credit card, $60.00 cash, list of medications for both of us, list of in case of emergency contacts, my business cards, and a calendar all held together with a rubber band. In my front pocket I have house key, shelter key, PO box key. Clean tissues in other back pocket. I also have a small laser light hooked on my belt loop. Kitties love to play with the light and it’s great for corralling cats away from or to a place you want or don’t want them. Life is GOOD.