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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

More Health News

I realize that as I get older, I am getting more and more impatient and I don't tolerate fools very well.  I never did, but it's worse now.

I went for my MRI on Thursday 01/03.  We went back to work on 01/02 which means, after two weeks of vacation, I had to take a day off to go to the doctor.  I suppose I could have waited longer, for a more convenient appointment that wouldn't force me to go during work hours, but my knee was hurting, and hurting badly.

The doctor took X-rays (well, his technician did).  Then he recommended an MRI (the doctor, not the technician!). 

Silly me, I assumed (yes, I know all about assuming!) that once he got the MRI results and the radiologist's report, he'd call me with results.  Well, today is 01/15 and I haven't heard a thing so I called the office.  "Oh, you have to make an appointment and come in and he'll go over the results with you."

Really?  Then shouldn't you have told me on 01/03 that I should make a follow-up appointment with the doctor for a day after the MRI????  So, I say I'm off on Friday, do you have an appointment that day?  Of course not, the first available is Thursday 01/24, a day I cannot take off from work or leave early because I'm going in late after my volunteer work.  So the NEXT available date is Monday 01/28 at 3:30.  So now I have to wait that much longer and leave work early again...  I'm not a happy camper.

And here's some J news:  I believe the diagnosis included something like this...  "severe tear," "rotator cuff," "see an orthopedist," "possible surgery."  Talk about a camper who is not very happy!!!  We're waiting for the workman's comp people to call with the referral information and the doctor's name and if possible, I want him to go to Dr. M. in Montclair.  They seem to be okay with us using our doctors as long as they're in network.  The radiologist was; hopefully the ortho doctor will be, too.  (Just for $hits and giggles, DD's fiance said his doctor told him with surgery on HIS rotator cuff, he could be out of work for 10 weeks!!!)

One of my customers mentioned that if we don't have a recliner, we should borrow or buy one because her friend who had similar surgery couldn't lay down post-surgery.  We test drove some recliners at Bob's Discount Furniture yesterday, just for fun...  We're married 13 years and haven't bought a single piece of furniture yet!  A recliner?  Perhaps two?  Wow!!!  That would be wild!!!

MUY IMPORTANTE:  Is anyone else all of a sudden unable to upload photos from their computer into their blog posts?  Apparently I can still upload from Picasa (isn't that over and done with?!?) but not from my My Pictures file...  I don't know what the problem is...  I'll try to do it from work tomorrow in case it's a laptop thing...

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patrysia said...

Oh yea, rotator cuff surgery requires months and months of recovery. Physical therapy alone takes months,. When my friend Anna had hers done, I saw her months later and she was still unable to loft her arm above her ear. Not fun at all.