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Monday, March 26, 2012

It's been a tough couple of weeks...

1. One of my credit cards got hacked.
2. I have spent at least 48 hours dealing with that, online, on the phone, and in person at the police station.
3. Hubby hurt his back this weekend but didn't tell me because he didn't want me to, and I quote, "yell at him."
4. For the record, I have never yelled at him.
5. Until he said that.
6. I read my middle sister's blogpost today and copied her. I went to the Tom Bihn website and bought a bag, a kiwi and black Swift.  Click on that link to see it.
7. I am not really caught up at work, but pretty darned close to it.
8. Our tickets are booked for a trip to New Orleans (yay!) - business trip for hubby and I get to be the "plus one."
9. I don't have to go to Miami for sales conference; it was cancelled.
10. I spent 2 days cleaning out my closet, getting rid of about 15 pairs of black and/or gray pants that didn't fit or were out of style.  I have room to bring down spring clothes now.
11. We went into Hoboken to have dinner with friends last night.  So much fun!
12. A friend fell and broke BOTH bones in her leg, just at the ankle, so she's been laid up for weeks.  I've been leaving work early (that translates to "on time" in my case) to visit her at least once a week.
13. Just put in for a 1/2 day this Friday, and days off next Monday, Thursday and Friday.  School is closed so this will either be quality time with my husband or I'll be looking for ways to stay out of his way if he's busy working.
14. Spending Saturday with friend E, scrapping and arting.  Yay!  She doesn't know this yet, but will be bringing her b'day presents with me.  Her b'day is 04/04 but I won't see her during the week...  She's been sick for a few days, and is still under the weather...
15. Tried Chobani Greek yogurt and liked it.
16. Tried Voskos Greek yogurt and didn't.  At least not the blueberry flavor.  There's not enough fruit in it.
17. Going to EN&T doctor tonight so he can do a cat scan on hubby's sinuses.
18. Literally a 30 second procedure in that same doctor's office two weeks ago was labeled "surgery" and they charged our insurance company $545 for it!!!  Yes, Mom, I should have become a doctor!
19. My baby sister will be visiting St. Louis on business for a week.  Wish I could go with her and see friend C again!!!
20. I bought a ticket for the MegaMillions lottery - $363 million!  What I could do with...  but that's another blogpost...

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