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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lots to catch you up on...

I spent 4 days in Boston/Cambridge last week.  I traveled up there on business and for the first time, I found something that said spouses can't travel with you...  didn't want to get in trouble, and he was working anyway, so this trip didn't work out for a side trip to Cape Cod (sorry, D & A!).  He said for the rest of the summer, he's free to accompany me, so we'll see what, if any, trips I can schedule quickly...  Here are some photos from this trip, along with some notes...

This was my view from breakfast at the ArtBar in the Royal Sonesta Hotel, BEFORE I walked out without breakfast - 35 minutes I sat there, without even a cup of coffee!  And when I complained to the hostess, she stopped a waitress who looked right at me, shook her head "no" and didn't come over to take my order.  Another 15 minutes and I was outta there!

The waitress who refused to serve me...

The view of the lobby wall when the elevator doors open - I like those pictures!

South Street Station on Thursday, on my way home.

A mural on the wall, done with tiles, in the hotel, on the 2nd floor.  Apparently the hotel is known for having art on display all over the hotel; you can even take a self-guided tour of the art...  There were a few pieces that caused me to think, before I knew it was "art," "What on earth is that and when are they going to finish it??!!??"

Appetizer at evoo, in Cambridge:  Lourdes' Burratini with Drumlin Farms' Arugula, Kimball Farms' Cantaloupe, Cucumber, Red Onion and Toasted Pine Nuts

My hotel room at the Royal Sonesta Hotel.  Opposite the bed, to the right, was a corner window that let in a  LOT of light - loved that, even though the view was of the Galleria and PF Chang's...

On Sunday, August 7th, Mom turned 39 (again!).  I threw her a little surprise party at our house.  She knew I'd invited my baby sister and her family, but she didn't know I'd invited my cousin and his family, and my husband's family, too!  She was very surprised when they all arrived!  Here are some photos...

We put together an appetizer of tomatoes, roasted red peppers, red onions and mozzarella, drizzled with evoo and seasoned, on a bed of fresh basil. Personally I could have eaten that whole plate, and nothing else, and been perfectly happy!

We had cavatelli and broccoli, sausage with peppers and onions, mini sandwiches, cole slaw made from the red cabbage from our garden, three bean salad, potato salad, and a tomato salad my sister made.

My little great niece, at 13 months old.  Apparently we had to be sure not to draw attention to her barettes or they would be torn out of her hair! 

My SIL, mom and one of my nieces.

My sister and her beau.

My niece's hubby (she's the one in the photo above), my sister's beau's son, and the baby's daddy, who's married to my other niece (they're twins!).

Mom blowing out her candles - my sister got red candles that sparked colored flames!

Mom with my cousin - he's more like a brother to me than a cousin...  His family couldn't come, dang it - his wife and son were working, and his daughter was away for the weekend with some friends.  Yes, it's my fault, I left invites to the last minute...

Hubby and me!!!

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