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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in the Life - Thursday, July 28

The usual, up at 5:50am, ready for the 7:20am train  Which was 22 minutes late.  Without any announcements on the track.  If it weren't for Eva's smartphone, we wouldn't have known.  Although then I could have turned around and "worked" from home...

Spent 5 hours doing that damned 500+ line report for Grainger. No matter what, I just KNEW I'd wind up doing it...

Ate two sandwiches for lunch - no idea why.  They were just so good...  Then I had to eat dinner 'cause if I didn't, J wouldn't eat dinner and he had nothing all day.  Think I'll be taking a Tagamet before I go to sleep!

Took some photos of theclock tower and the train station in Hoboken, Franklin Avenue in Nutley, the front porch of our house.

Tested Sue's chocolate chip cookies (she put too much baking powder or baking soda in them and she was afraid they tasted bad).  Chatted with Shifra and her girls for a little while, and an old neighbor (the Dennises up the street, who moved to Florida years 9 years ago).  She popped by to see the neighborhood...

Picked up some photos at Costco for the past few days of Week in the Life. 

Got P's anniversary card today.  It was a funny one!

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