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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

OH, OH, OH - I was going to ask J to design me a table that fits what I need it for and I saw this one!!!
This would be an AWESOME way to use some of those books I was going to give away 'cause I had no room for them - what do you think???  (Yes, I'd have to do something about how it seems to sag a bit in the middle, but I like the idea of the legs...  Saw something similar recently using books for the base of a nightstand lamp...)

One of the comments on the blog was from someone who couldn't stand the thought of the books being damaged.  Okay, trust me, I GET that!  But I have such a hard time giving up any one of my books to the great big void that is the world that this would be a way for me to keep it, and use it, even if I couldn't ever read that particular one anymore...  and of course, there are plenty of old editions and $1 books you could save from the trash heap...


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