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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Shoulda, woulda, coulda

Just read a neat blog entry at It's My Life...

Jessica is reading Heather Sellers' Chapter After Chapter. I'm not but I like'd Jessica's entry so much that I wanted to play with the word "should." Here's my version of the shoulds that bog me down:

  1. I should be a better housekeeper.
  2. I should learn to cook.
  3. I should actually work one day without stopping in the middle of the day to either read other people's blogs or write my own.
  4. I should buckle down and do some work right now.
  5. I should stick to Weight Watchers a little bit more strictly.
  6. I should exercise.
  7. I should exercise my brain more. (My dad used to say, "Use it or lose it!" and I so believe him!
  8. I should become more involved in my church.
  9. I should really want a career, instead of a job.
  10. I should be a better sister, aunt, daughter, wife, mother, friend (not in any particular order).
  11. I should read more classics.
  12. I should watch less TV.
  13. I should save more money/spend less money.
  14. I should learn to crochet better.
  15. I should learn to knit.
  16. I should walk more.
  17. I should finally really learn to swim.
  18. I should get an annual physical each year, instead of just going to the GP when I'm sick.
  19. I should learn more technical stuff about my computer.

Okay, I just reread # 3 and #4 and I gotta go...

1 comment:

Miss Hope said...

Well, I could have written this for me! Wow.

Is this where we say....we should, but probably won't? LOLOL