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Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm so busy...

I took two days off.


Thursday and Friday.

Why, then, do I have 7 days worth of emails and work and projects all piled up on my desk?!

And did I mention I spent, oh, six or eight of my vacation hours doing work? A no-no, for sure, but I'm a responsible kind of gal...

I got some really cool file holders last week and set them up - it was neat to come in and see them all shiny and new on my desk! and I got rid of a couple of reams of paper, with more to sort through and discard. By the end of this week, I'm going to be all caught up with my sorting and filing and organizing, whilst keeping up with my work, of course!

I bought a cute dress for my niece's bridal shower (which is next Sunday). It's a sleeveless dress, black qiana (shades of the 70s!) with some turquoise and ecru flowers "growing" up from the hem to mid-thigh. The neckline ties in back like a halter and my shoulders are bare -

BUT, what did I do on Saturday? Two days after I bought the dress? I sat outside in the beautiful 79-degree weather, wearing a new orange blouse I bought the same day. An orange blouse that had a low-cut front and wide, 3" tank straps.

One word.


Another word.


Picture it. No - picture me. Sunburned. In a dress that shows off my shoulders. My striped shoulders.

Pray my sunburn fades!

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Miss Hope said...

LOL...love it! I think we're all guilty of doing stuff like this.

Maybe you could get some of that shimmer powder with a hint of bronzer in it. It may "even" out the white lines...or blur them just a little bit.

Oh..and I hope we get to see a pic of you in that dress!