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Monday, July 21, 2008

Thanks to all who kept my daughter in their prayers last week.

The surgery was successful in a number of ways. No tumors. No cysts. They removed a lot of endometriosis that was spreading toward her back, but there was none on her organs. Her recovery will be painful; after all, her insides were all moved around and scraped... No need to remove her ovary, as she had thought...

AND she's feeling better, post-op, and can't wait to come home. So much so, in fact, that she's been calling us several times a day... She's staying with her mom, which is good for her - her little brother and sister are there to entertain her, but she's really looking forward to being here, in her own apartment.

I suggested she put together a shopping list and her Dad and I can buy what she needs and get it into the apartment before she comes home. We'd be happy to go down and pick her up; don't know yet how or when she's coming back up here, but we hope it's before Friday, when we leave for our mini vacation in...

Ta da!

Mystic, CT!

I've always wanted to go there! Jack originally wanted to go to a bed-and-breakfast in Cape May, but we're last-minute planners (unless we're traveling with others who are not!) and our anniversary weekend wasn't available. Plus, quite frankly, the rooms were much more expensive than we're comfortable spending. I just can't wrap my arms (or my checkbook!) around more than $200 a night for a bed and a bathroom, no matter how nice they are, not when I have to pay for them! When I'm traveling for work and getting reimbursed? Money is no object! But we just need a clean room, clean sheets and a clean bathroom - we're only going to be there to shower and sleep...

I can't wait to go! I'll post some pictures next week, when we return!


Miss Hope said...

Glad to hear she's doing better!

When are you heading South instead of NORTH???

There are things to do and people to see this way!

Miss Hope said...

Got a little something for you on my blog!

Marcia said...

Hey Krys

I saw your post on Suzanne's blog. Funny thing is I have had ....3 laparoscopies and 1 laparotomy, and the last one was a combo laparoscopy/ laparotomy just a month ago - I'm still recovering actually.

Glad to hear your DSD's better and that nothing serious was the matter.

Also, about Mystic - I got my gran to sew that black Julia Roberts dress for my matric farewell (like your homecoming :) so I am also a fan!

And lastly, good luck on the time management too. I have a weekly ezine with tips if you're interested over at http://takechargesolutions.org

Marcia from Organising Queen