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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Assorted photos, as promised weeks ago...

Went to Teaberry's in Flemington with Mom, P and A for a girly lunch, to celebrate P's b'day. Yummy food and wonderful conversation!

Shopping at Ikea for a scrapping Expedit... Parked in the parking garage. Saw a car "parked" in the middle of the street, missing a bumper or two. Saw a spark under the hood. Within minutes (and AFTER we moved my car away!), it was up in flames! DH wanted to put the fire out with an extinguisher, but the police officer wouldn't let him. He said the firemen were on their way. Had he let Jack do it, the poor guy's car could have been saved. Instead, totaled.

In June my handsome nephew graduated from high school. When last updated, he's heading for college at William Paterson. Hope he does it, and does it well.

Traveled to Chicago at the end of June, on business. Here's the closest I got to Navy Pier.

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Miss Hope said...

Holy Moley on the fire picture!!!

So glad you did a picture post! I love a good picture post.

...maybe that's why I do so many of them?