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Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm sick again... Can't wait to not be sick again... (sung to the tune of Willie's On the Road Again)

Went to the doctor yesterday. Another strep test, no fever, swollen glands (for the very first time in my 47 years!), clear lungs, slightly elevated blood pressure (due, he thinks, to the decongestant in the cough medicine I was taking), and bad sinus pressure in my head. Yuk.

So here are my meds:
  1. Z-pack once a day
  2. Coricidin every 6 hours
  3. Zyrtek once a day (it seemed to take the pressure away but took longer than my no-name Loratadine from CVS)

Then I asked him about the pain in my arm. Without an MRI [which we'll do if icing each night, no exercise (darn!), and anti-inflammatories don't help], he suspects a slightly damaged rotator cuff, probably just a few small tears. Boy, Jack really suffered with his - hope mine repairs itself...

That whole growing old thing? It sucks! Now I'm a firm believer in "you're as old as you feel," but being sick like this makes me feel old. When I look in the mirror, I don't see a 47-year-old. I look the same (or close!), for all intents and purposes, as I did when I was 20. Well, I certainly feel the same, minus a few aches and pains, but nothing I can't handle. I can't imagine turning 50 in three years. That just might be the one that actually hurts. It's just such a big number. I know there are bigger ones. But I had no meltdown when I turned 21 (like my college roommate did), nothin' when I turned 30, 35 was a bit bothersome (but not debilitating), 40 and 45 were proverbial pieces of cake!

But 50? I hope I'm healthy and still as happy as I am now, if not more so. 50 just "sounds" old to me. I remember all the people I knew were 50 when I was younger and they were old. I know I won't be that old when I'm 50, but still...

(added later)

I also went to the dentist yesterday. I broke a double crown sometime in the last few days. I'm thinking now it might have been on the remains of a cough drop. I haven't had any popcorn or hard candy lately, so that's the only think I can think might have done it.

I LOVE my dentist. For the record, I've told him he absolutely cannot retire until either (a) he replaces all the teeth in my head with false teeth that will never have a problem, or (b) I'm dead. He's got his nephew working there now; I'm sure the intention is for Dr. Mike to take over for Dr. M. when it's time, but that will never be acceptable. Never. Ever. You hear me, Dr. M.?

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Miss Hope said...

What on earth is up with you?!? You trying to fall apart on us or something?

As for the z-pack? I get all giddy when I get prescribed one because I know I'm gonna feel so much better soon. My prayer is that you get on over this and get back to feeling 20 again!!