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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Who ever thought that booking one measly little haircut, actually, a trim, would be so complicated and would totally affect the schedules of three or four different people?!???

All I wanted to do was get my hair trimmed before I leave for Dallas next Monday. It's like this: my hair can get to be "too long" overnight. That's right. Overnight. Not over the course of two or three weeks, or even two or three days. I can go to bed and all's well with my head, and in the morning? Voila! Too much hair!

So I called to make an appointment with Kristen at the "new" hair place. She was busy until Thursday night. Okay, I can do Thursday night.

NO I CAN'T DO THURSDAY NIGHT. Jack needs my car Thursday night, and I'm just not good enough at a stick shift to take the Subaru through traffic and into that teeny-tiny parking lot. So I call to reschedule.

BUT WAIT! I can't reschedule 'cause on Friday I have the Credit Union dinner right after work, on Saturday I have an all-day crop, on Sunday the salon is closed and on Monday - well, I'll be in Dallas on Monday.

So I'm now going to A WHOLE NEW PERSON AND A WHOLE NEW SALON to get my hair trimmed. Eva's hairdresser Leah is going to do it on Saturday morning, at 9am. Eva says she's great but Eva's haircuts involve a blunt cut bottom. That's it. No layers. No bangs.

Keep your fingers crossed!

So now I had to let Deborah know I'd be late for the crop, and ask her to save me a seat. And my new friend (I really do like her a lot, to say nothing of the fact I adore her little son Harrison!) said she'd be "sad" if we didn't sit together at the crop! Awww... She's great!

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