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Friday, March 09, 2007

I think I'm sick...

A couple of days ago I spent the entire day sneezing, chasing after my runny nose and my runny eyes - basically I felt pretty miserable. Yesterday I felt much better, so good in fact, that I was able to attend my Scrapping MeetUp. Got up this morning - the first thing Jack said to me was, "Do you feel okay?" Guess I didn't look so good! And I've been dizzy since I woke up. Not dizzy-spell dizzy, but light-headed, really bad if I close my eyes... I had a good b'fast (multi-grain bread with peanut butter and raisins, for iron); it didn't help. I went and got a slice of multi-cheese pizza and some salad with delicious, calorie-laden bleu cheese dressing. I feel a bit less dizzy, but I'm not walkin' crosstown this afternoon, that's for sure! I'm cold, I'm hot, I'm cold, I'm hot... YUK!

We had a tag swap last night - I have to remember next time that I can make the tags larger. I made a small size; it came out okay. I signed up for a card swap for May. Thank goodness there's enough time 'til then. Think I'll work on them at the all-day crop in two weeks... Have to remember to bring home some fibers, etc., from the lake this weekend...

Next Friday is the Credit Union dinner. I wanted to do some shopping pre-dinner for some clothes, but it's period-week and I'll be bloated. So I think I'll take a day off the week after and try to spend a whole day shopping. I asked Eva if she wanted to come... She said she might...

So, it's been a while since I wrote about my life. I spent some time online last week Googling high school friends and acquaintances. Here's what some of them are doing:
  • Liver transplant specialist
  • Breast cancer specialist/with clinical trials in progress, and also specializing in sarcomas
  • CEO of high-tech aeronautics company, former CEO of production company that produced a Broadway play
  • Doctor - hemotology, internal medicine, oncology
  • Chiropractors
  • Publishing account executives
I was pretty impressed! Especially by the fact that the ones who have proven themselves to be so successful - well, they weren't all rocket scientists in high school! Some of them? Yes, they were real smart. Others, not so - or should I say, not apparently so...
I'm excited - I might be able to visit P this summer! It sounds like we might be having our next set of sales meetings in San Francisco. If we do, I'm taking a few days after to fly to a state in the SW. She asked me the other day if I had any ideas as to what I might want to do while I was there, but I really don't - she can work, I'll stay home and watch TV, take the dogs for a walk (one at a time, thank you very much!), and generally just veg!
I was in Mom's attic the other day, cleaning out some of my old things - letters, books, etc. I found some old letters from Barb B., a former friend/roomie. I always prided myself on my memory. I could remember everything, actual conversations, the clothes I was wearing, etc. FORGET IT! I was reading about people I don't even remember! Ex. Grayson & Jimmy. WHO??? I had no clue. Then, after straining my brain, I remembered: the people with the ferret that Donna lived with for a while! It hurt, but the brain came through!!! I cannot believe that I couldn't remember such memorable people!!! But I didn't!!!
I just called Stan to wish him a Happy B'day, three days early, since I thought he might take some time off next week. Apparently not. He couldn't talk; he was real busy. Said he'd call back. We'll see.

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