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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kevin is okay, and he's supposed to come home today. He had an angioplasty yesterday (I believe) and they put a stent in him. He had a 90% blockage near his heart. This could have been "the big one." It's really woken him to the fact that he (a) HAS to quit smoking, (b) has to eat well, (c) has to exercise, and (d) HAS to take care of himself.

And it's woken me to the same facts, minus the smoking one... I MUST STICK TO WW. I MUST NOT CHEAT A LOT. I MUST EXERCISE. I WILL EXERCISE. I NEED HELP TO EXERCISE.

Last week was so productive - at work and at home (at least over the weekend). I will be as productive this weekend at home (if we don't go to the lake), and I'm going to try to be as productive at work for the rest of the week. I've done okay, but just not as well as last week...

A had had her braces removed! Apparently I'm allowed to know, but not allowed to acknowledge, according to C.

Had lunch with Eva today. She had a bit of an argument with her mom last night. I feel so badly for her. She is trying so hard to eat healthy, exercise when she can... She just doesn't get support from her family; she only gets criticism. Her sister seems to be supportive, as much as little sisters can be, and Eva doesn't have a problem with Paul, but the rest of them? I wouldn't give you a plug nickel for 'em! It really makes me appreciate my family, even on their worst day!!!

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