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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It's 2007 - I went to my Weight Watcher's Meeting last night and the topic was resolution vs. lifestyle. Resolutions have a beginning and an end, and lifestyles are forever. What a great way to look at it. WW is an easy change, at least for me - the plan was easy to begin and who wouldn't like a diet where you can eat anything you want, as long as you honestly account for the points! I'm at 21 pounds and still going... (To be honest, I made it to 23+ but have had a bit of a slip up recently... I hit one of those plateaus the leaders are always talking about... I'm hoping it's over since last night the scales showed a .8 lb loss - after the holidays and two weeks of not weighing in!!!)

I have treadmilled every day since the new year began (yes, I know, that's only two days!- but that's two days more than last year!). I'd like to do it at least 4 days a week and when my endurance and breathing and strength has improved, I want to add a bit of weight training and exercise ball toning to my plan. And it will be easy - I have my own personal trainer - my sister-in-law does that for a living! We've already discussed some exercises that I can add in but that was months ago, when it briefly crossed my mind... I'll meet with her again to create a plan when I really decide to add it into my daily program...

Santa came and his imminent visit was the impetus I needed to clean my house. It looks so nice and festive and the holidays will last until at least Martin Luther King Day this year - my mom isn't due home from Arizona until the 11th and I'd like to do a family dinner the following weekend to welcome her home... Of course, since this is the place I can be honest (after all, who's reading this but me!), you can't go into Maria's room or into the computer room (formerly known as Johnny's room) without a helmet on - all the stuff I cleaned out of the rest of the house is hidden behind those two closed doors! That is part of my New Year's resolutions - no - lifestyle changes - to clean and keep my house clean.

My friend Chris has this habit of missing my b'day by one day every year - he either calls or emails or snail mails the day before or the day after - this year I must have been really good 'cause he emailed me, and then sent me a card, too! Thanks, Chris!

Well, this was much ado about nothing, to quote Bill and imply a Seinfeld connection... perhaps my next entry will be a bit more in keeping with the story of me and mine...

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