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Sunday, July 28, 2013


It's no surprise to me that I'm married to THE best guy in the world, but just in case you all weren't sure about it...  

Last Thursday was our 14th wedding anniversary. This is what we looked like the day we got married:

We had a bit of a tough year, with his surgery, his deciding whether to retire or not (he's not retiring!), lay-offs at my company which thankfully didn't affect me...

Guess he decided I deserved more than "just" flowers this year  (we never exchange anniversary gifts - we just go out to eat and he sends me flowers). 

This is what he got me this year:  OMG!!!

He's a wonderful husband!  Think I'll keep him for sure!!!

1 comment:

Mrs.B said...

Beautiful, to say the least. Yes, I would say he's a keeper. How is his shoulder?