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Sunday, November 04, 2012

We Got Real Lucky

We took a drive up to the lake house. A pine tree mere feet from our property line fell. It fell on our neighbor's house. There wasn't a lot of damage, thankfully. They had some damage to their house a few years ago that they had to deal with; I'd hate for them to have to deal with that again...

The area is full of trees. We drove around the lake to look at the damage, and we were lucky. For all the trees that are there in the mountains, surrounding the lake, there could have been so much more damage than there was... The aren't getting power back for at least another week, and their schools are closed indefinitely...

Jack and I have some pretty powerful angels taking care of us up there! Thanks, Daddy and Mom and Dad S.

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Mrs.B said...

Powerful picture. What will the kids, especailly the seniors, do about minimum nubers of school days, etc.?