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Friday, September 09, 2011

Me: I just feel like sharing...

I was visiting Carolina Girl and she posted some random facts about herself and I've always loved these kinds of posts, so I thought, "What the heck?  It's not like you have a lot of work to do..."  And of course I can't do it exactly like the instructions say...  What if I don't have SEVEN random things to share?  What if I don't have a "best feature"?  So let's just see where "random" takes us...

Here you go...

1. I spent the first night of my freshman year in college under a pool table, in the midst of a hurricane warning.  No hurricane, and no pool-ball related accidents...
2. The only time I ever got a "B" in gym class was the year I cut gym.  If I attended every class and tried my hardest, I only ever managed a "C."
3. And I'm married to a gym teacher.
4. I spoke English and Polish equally for the first 4 years of my life (or at least from when I started talking until we moved out of my grandparents' house to our house 2 miles away...).
5. I have forgotten almost all of the Polish I ever knew.
6. I read every organizational book I can get my hands on and still my house is just a few uncontrolled months away from being featured on Hoarders:  Buried Alive.  (OK, a slight exaggeration about the condition of my home... let's just say I have a high tolerance for clutter...)
7. I'm going to cave and get a smartphone of some kind in December; I'm a Verizon customer - any suggestions?
8. I don't know how to swim even though I took 2 classes at the Y.
9. I've never been to Europe.
10. I used to work with my best friends.  Now I work with friendly acquaintances who think they're my best friends...
11. [edited out 09/11/11]
12. My other sister is a fine artist.
13. I am addicted to reading.  I always have several books going, with several backed up and ready.  I read the cereal box in the morning, the can of hairspray in the bathroom, street signs while I'm driving, etc.
14. I skipped senior year in HS to attend the Freshman Honors Program at the University of Delaware.  We spent our first year on the Wesley College campus in Dover, DE, then moved to main campus in Newark, DE (then I got stupid!)
15. I've visited 25 of our 50 states.  Admittedly, some were business trips only, to one city, one conference center, but still...
16. I was once diagnosed as having gout.  Turns out it was bursitis.
17. My mom was born in Poland and traveled to Siberia, then through Russia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Kenya, Uganda, Egypt, to the UK, and then finally to the US where she met my dad, fell in love, got married, and the rest is history...  (and yes, I realize that's not about me, per se, but it's a cool fact anyway!)
18.  I could go on, but I'll save some for another time...

Favorites and Bests... (most borrowed from Carolina Girl)
Favorite Color:  it was purple for all my life but since I got married I'm liking green, too
Favorite Song:  A Love Like This, by Dan Fogelberg (our wedding song)
Favorite Singer:  Dan Fogelberg
Favorite Dessert:  Cream Puffs (unhealthy) and watermelon (reasonably healthy)
Favorite Candy:  Candy corn or circus peanuts (those orange marshmallow ones)
Favorite Actor:  Clint Eastwood
Biggest Pet Peeve:  when someone doesn't say thank you
When I'm Upset:  I either cry or slam things
My Favorite Pet:  My Samoyed Belle
Black or White:  Black (unless it's summer and I have a tan, then white is okay)
Biggest Fear:  Fire
Best Feature:  I can't answer this 'cause by nature, I'm too picky about myself
Everyday Attitude:  Generally pretty positive, although when I am cranky, watch out!
Perfection Is:  Being in love with the person who's in love with you at the same time
Guilty Pleasure:  An ice cold mojito!
Favorite food:  pizza or fried eggplant
Burger King or McDonald's:  Burger King all the way!
Favorite Author:  Ayn Rand (fiction) or Richard Bach (fiction)
Favorite Book:  Jonathan Livingston Seagull (Bach) or Anthem (Rand)
Favorite Movies:  Pretty Woman, Ghost, While You Were Sleeping, You've Got Mail, Dirty Dancing, Gone with the Wind, and of course - anything with Clint Eastwood in it
PC or Mac:  PC but only 'cause I never used a Mac and can't afford one...  played with one in the store and I can see how easily I'd become a convert
Surgeries:  appendectomy (I was 8) and back surgery in 1991 (I was 30)
Contacts or glasses:  Both!
Favorite Number:  2 or 3
Favorite TV shows:  What Not to Wear, Castle, Hoarding, House Hunters, Big Bang Theory
Favorite Holiday:  Christmas all the way!!!

I know usually I'm supposed to tag someone, but I'm not going to!  If you feel like posting some random facts about yourself, though, let me know!  I'd love to visit and read all about you!!!

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cookiedough66 said...

Christmas is your favorite holiday?? :o). My painting today consisted of painting green ivy on a white birdhouse --