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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Dance

Okay, I admit it. We had a much nicer time than either of us anticipated! We knew we would have a good time with each other, but we weren't really sure we'd have a good time in general! J isn't big on socializing just to do the right thing whereas I've been in business long enough to know sometimes you just have to pretend you're having a good time! But this time we did! See?

[I look at this picture and I think, "He's really having a good time!" So many of our photos, when we're out with others, seem forced. He's just not a good, "Say cheese!" kind of guy!]
Several restaurants in town supplied the food; it was an all you can eat buffet. There were several pasta dishes, some Chinese food and some spring rolls, mini sandwiches, salad, eggplant parm, sausage and peppers, etc. We ate 'til we couldn't eat any more, and we never even made it to dessert! We sat and ate, and talked and laughed, then J decided we should dance. Now I can fake it through a slow dance (although I have a nasty tendency to lead), but I really hate to dance fast. I ain't got no rhythm and I always feel as though I'm just flailing around out there, looking foolish and dancing so far off the beat that I have to be throwing everyone else off, too!
But we did. Dance, that is. Fast dance, to be precise. Here's proof (and please, no comments about how that is the.most.unflattering.outfit.imagineable. I didn't realize my chest looked SO big and so low! Obviously I need to be fitted with better undergarments!):
It was SO hot in the Elks club, at least after we danced! I have to remember (a) don't ever wear that sweater combo again, and (b) don't ever wear a turtleneck when you plan on dancing. (Although, if you remember, I had no.intention.of.dancing!)
Anyway, we had a blast! We had planned on eating, smiling and leaving around 9:30 so we could be home in time to watch our favorite Friday night TV show, Numbers.
We stayed until 11!
THAT, my friends, shows exactly how much fun we were having! We didn't leave! And some of you out there know us well enough to know that when we want to leave, we leave, and there ain't no stoppin' us!
Anyway, I suppose I should probably go and do some work, since it's 10:28am and I'm on the job! More later! Toodles!

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patrysia said...

What, no dessert??? Are you crazy? You check out the dessert menu/table first before you eat, have I taught you nothing? LOL

Sadly, we inherited polka genes. We're polka dancers in a hip=hop world. There's a blog name!

Middle Sister