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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Last weekend in photos...

So let's see...

We went to Atlantic City with some friends. J and I have a tradition of taking self portraits at arm's length and here's our latest...

I'm not much of a cook but check out my fridge!! It's as full as its ever been!!!

We both sort of consider the "front" of the lake house secondary to the back, lake side of the house. I like the idea J had to create this little deck of planters...

This post was done on my smart phone and I have no idea where the text will be with respect to the photos so forgive me if the photos aren't captioned. I'm sure you can figure them all out...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sending you to a great blog...

Thought today I'd send you over to a favorite blog'o'mine:  Kayla Aimee Only Slightly Neurotic

I've been reading Kayla's blog since just after her beautiful daughter was born.  Scarlette was born (quite) a bit ahead of schedule and has had some health issues, but thanks to God and her wonderful doctors, she's doing just great!  Kayla posts awesome stories and photos about her baby girl, and each one is better than the one before!

Every once in a while she just posts a fun, everyday kind of post.  Here's today's:  Lacking Common Sense: Me and UPS

Uh, UPS?  Hope you read this one!!

The Baby's 1st Joke

... and I thought it would be a knock, knock joke, but it wasn't...

(and read it out loud the way I write it)

Q. What did the banana say to the docto?

A.  Docto, I don't peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel good!  (and end it with a hysterical giggle!)

Monday, August 20, 2012

New pillow!

I found a red and tan pillow at Big Lots! this weekend and thought it might match the pillows I already bought for the sitting room at the lake. I used Pic Stitch to create this combo photo.

I should remember to post an updated picture of the sitting room...

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Barstools, before, during, and after

We have no problem acquiring furniture from garage sales, from the curb, etc. A year or so ago, J picked up two stools on the side of the road. We had another smaller one at home; I'm not sure I know where that one came from...

I've been watching John and Sherry transform furniture on their blog,Young House Love (http://www.younghouselove.com). And I knew when they did their daughter's high chair, one they inherited from Sherry's mom, that I wanted to redo these stools.

I struggled for months on the colors; we're planning to redo the lake house kitchen and I wondered about doing the stools in a color that didn't match.

But then I realized I could just paint them again!

Hubby surprised me by sanding and priming two of the three stools and we just brought the third home to work on this week.

I've decided to paint one of the two large stools bright yellow and the other a bright green (but not neon).

The smaller stool will be red, a Christmas red, since I plan on using that smaller one around the holidays.

We should be done with these this week and I'll post pictures when they're done!

If they come out okay, I'm thinking I already know what my next two projects might be....

Added 09/03/12: Done! Love them!

Just finished this page...

Isn't she a cutie?

The border reads:
July 8, 2012 - Eva's 2nd birthday party. We ate tons of food, then we opened lots of presents. We gave her a pink Radio Flyer Big Wheel - exactly what Carrie wanted for her. After cake, after balloons, after playing with her dolls, Eva just went over to Jack, climbed up on his lap, and got ready to sleep!

Monday, August 06, 2012

Books, books, and more books...

I was in Walmart on Saturday and I bought 5 paperback books.


All at once!

And to top it all off, they're FIVE TRASHY ROMANCE NOVELS!

I haven't done that in a while, probably not since I worked at a local independent bookstore and spent my pay on Wednesday nights on books, leaving just enough for gas money for the week...

I've already finished one, and am on page 71 of the second, and in about 15 minutes, I'll be taking my lunch and I hope to get a lot further into the second one during my lunch break! 

Pure escapism, that's what this is.  Escapism.  Beach reads.  Mindless fluff that doesn't require me to think or concentrate. 

Which is a good thing 'cause the heat and humidity have been making me feel tired and lackadaisical and listless and not at my best.  So bring on the mindless fluff!!!